Domina Lady Akita is an international dominatrix who can be found in locations such as Berlin, Schaanwald, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, London, Leeds, and many more. She first encountered the BDSM world at the age of 18. Now, she works as a professional mistress and is completely fulfilled in her role. In this interview, we delve deeper into the world of the alluring Mistress. Enjoy!

Lady Sas: Dear Akita, please describe your path to becoming a dominatrix.

Lady Akita: I was introduced to the world of BDSM at the age of 18 by friends and acquaintances, and I always found it very interesting. I experimented with it in my personal life and found it very enjoyable. Despite having a "normal" job, I was often told and shown that I have a strong presence and personality, which I often had to suppress to fit into society. This made me very unhappy. During that time, the thought crossed my mind that I wanted to be where my personality was appreciated and not where I had to bend to please others. And so it began, I decided to take a new path and became a dominatrix. By the way, at the beginning of my career, your book "Femdom Academy" accompanied me. A big compliment to you, it enriched my knowledge tremendously, thank you very much!


Lady Sas: How nice, I'm very pleased to hear that. Thank you very much!

You travel a lot and are available not only in Berlin but also in cities like Munich, Hamburg, or Liechtenstein. What attracts you to traveling and educating in different studios?

Lady Akita: I am naturally a free spirit and love traveling. At the same time, I am a curious person and very open-minded. I always want to broaden my horizons, and staying in one place always bores me quickly.

By traveling to different places, I also have the opportunity to meet new clients, colleagues, and studios and exchange experiences and insights with them.

Lady Sas: On Twitter/X, you once wrote, "I love my job! 😈". What are the reasons for this?

Lady Akita: Haha, you're very attentive! Yes, indeed, I expressed that!

The simple reasons for this are that I love being able to decide everything for myself, like when, how, and where I work. At the same time, as I mentioned earlier, the job simply gives me back my personality and shows me that the way I am is perfect! I don't have to pretend, and I am even adored and appreciated for it, even though I was always judged for it in the past. And I really enjoy seeing my clients happy after the session, that's really great 🙂

Lady Sas: If you weren't working as a dominatrix, what would you do professionally?

Lady Akita: I think if I weren't a dominatrix, I would be a flight attendant or a fitness trainer today.

Lady Sas: I'm reading more and more that the dominatrix demands a deposit, as you do. A few years ago, this was not common. Why is a deposit necessary today?

Lady Akita: For me, it's necessary because unfortunately, it's becoming more and more common for many clients not to show up for meetings. Since I don't work with studio presence in Berlin, I'm reluctant to take time for travel and session preparation if it's not guaranteed. With the deposit, at least there is some security for me and the reliability of my client.

The deposit will not be retained if the appointment is canceled but will be credited towards the next agreed-upon appointment.

Lady Sas: Please tell us how you spend your leisure time.

Lady Akita:

I dedicate my free time to my family and friends, I like to try out new restaurants. Although I'm a passionate eater, I'm also a good cook voluntarily 🙂 Otherwise, I also enjoy traveling and exercising.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Lady Akita: I'm sorry, I can't reveal them yet, as plans may change in the meantime 🙂

Lady Sas: Thank you very much for the interview.